Maestro | The Game-Changing Soccer Jacket

by Ebun Olaloye |


As lifelong footballers, we were underwhelmed by the options for soccer jackets available on the market.  They aren't versatile and offer very little functionality for the modern footballer. 

The idea for Maestro came from years of playing soccer in the city and not having the perfect jacket that performed well on and off the pitch.

So we decided to do something about it!

Lightweight, water-resistant, and breathable, Maestro is packed with functionality designed specifically for soccer players.



  • Water-resistant outer shell
  • Fleece-lined thumb holes
  • Adjustable facemask to keep face and ears warm.
  • Laser perforations in iconic 4-4-2 formation for breathability.
  • Offset zipper creates larger surface area for controlling the ball with your chest
  • Interior headphone access
  • Hidden zippered pocket to store small items i.e. shin guard, ball pump, socks.
  • Reflective 3M strips (front) and branding (back) for nighttime visibility.
  • Dropped hem for superior fit.

maestro soccer jacket water resistant shell 

 maestro soccer jacket two-way zipper and facemask 4-4-2 laser perforations

maestro soccer jacket offset zipper feature with thumb holes

Maestro soccer jacket features graphic

maestro soccer jacket interior features

Hoods Ain't Good

Most active jackets come with hoods, but as a footballer you don't want a hood on your jacket. It flaps around while you're running and obstructs you from seeing a defender coming 'round the back.  Hoods are a no-no.

We chose instead to go with a face mask that's designed to keep your face and ears warm.  This maintains visibility, which is essential for every footballer.  You can pull it up over your nose, or wear it down around your neck.

maestro soccer jacket facemask feature maestro soccer jacket on the pitch


maestro soccer jacket size chart sizing 


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