Blending football and art: Daniel Nyari

Football, no doubt, is the most beautiful sport in the world. One of the many aspects that makes it so beautiful is the many artists, designers, and illustrators who create exquisite pieces of art that give the sport we love a whole new view. Daniel Nyari is one of those artists, he uses his unique style of art to portray his love for football. Nyari’s modern style adds a fresh outlook on the world’s game. 

Sergio Aguero by Daniel Nyari

Sergio Aguero by Daniel Nyari

Mesut Özil by Daniel Nyari

Mesut Özil by Daniel Nyari

In an interview with Bo McMillan, Nyari stated, “My work in graphic and web design allowed me to attribute my neurosis and compulsive behavior to a very structured and clean way to work.” He also refers to tilted or flattened perspective found in old 16 bit video games or the 18th century Paul Cezanne.

“I want to make art that looks like it was made by a computer which thinks it’s human.” -Daniel Nyari


Check out more of his work here:

Follow him on Twitter: @danielnyari







love.fútbol changing lives with passion

We all know how football can turn our whole day around, but how about your whole life. That is what love.fútbol is striving to do. In this short Youtube video, you can see fields they have built in Guatemala and Brasil just for the community. As they say on their website, “A love.fútbol field is a safe and dependable outlet for youth to play and liberate their passion.”

You and I alike have all used a wad of newspapers or some old beaten up ball just to play. Not only their desire, but their innovations are the reasons we call it the beautiful game.

Drew Chafetz, the CEO of love.fútbol, is doing something extraordinary by using the power of soccer to give back to the undeserved communities and give them a positive and productive life through safe and dependable soccer fields.

“No matter the language, the religion, or economic situation, with soccer, we speak the same language. It’s the passion that connects us.” – Drew Chafetz, CEO love.fútbol

Check out love.fútbol’s channel: lovefutbolchannel and follow them on Twitter: @lovefutbol Heres their website:

Check them out and donate to their cause!



Joltter takes football videos up a notch

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 3.41.52 PM

Every so often someone comes along and completely changes the landscape that they operate in. They make something that’s so groundbreaking in its originality, scale, and vision that everyone else has to evolve or get caught in the tide.

Until now, football videos on YouTube were largely the same. Someone was either testing/unboxing boots, taking freekicks or freestyling. That’s it. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but originality was few and far between. Well, that has changed with Joltter’s latest offering: Football Short Film in 4K – Crazy Soccer Skills.

The 5 minute clip is absolutely brilliant from start to finish. The cinematography is superb, the editing is top drawer, and most importantly, the skills are fresh as hell. Joltter enslists the help of fellow freestylers Philip “PWG” Warren Gertsson, Kristoffer Liicht, Anders Fiil, Amin Benmoumou, Omid Ganjjou, Suell Osmani, and Jacob Corneliusen to create what is a benchmark in football videos.

Take a look:

If you don’t already, subscribe to Joltter’s channel: JoltterFootball and follow him on Twitter: @Joltter

As a certain rapper told us, Nothing Was The Same. Respect, Joltter!


Live Breathe Futbol Holiday Gift & Style Guide

With the Holidays right around the corner, you’re probably wondering what to get for the passionate footballer/supporter in your life. Or maybe yourself. Rest easy because we’ve got you covered.

We teamed up with our friends at Passion Soccer Boutique to curate a Holiday Gift Guide featuring our 45′ collection . Outfit Grid style. Check it out below with links on where to purchase each item! (Products without links can be purchased in store at Passion Soccer Boutique)

  • Royal Pitch Invaders sweater

    1. Diadora Backpack

    2- LBF Pitch Invaders Royal Crew Neck Sweater.

    3. IMFC Brim Flex Cap

    4. IMFC 3/4 Training Pant

    5. Kappa Auth. Logo Vintage Tee

    6. Joma Top Flex Futsal Shoe

    7. Joma Inter Ball Sz. 4

  • Heather Pitch Invaders sweater


    1. Adidas Samba

    2. 4-4-2 Movember Scarf

    3. LBF Pitch Invaders Heather Crew Neck Sweater

    4. Umbro Boot Bag

    5. Nike Academy Knit Pant

    6. West Ham Toque/beanie

  • Red Pitch Invaders sweater


    1. Puma Cargo Sweat Pant

    2. Urbanears Headphones

    3. Jansport Superbreak Backpack

    4. LBF Pitch Invaders Red Crew Neck Sweater

    5. Puma Windbreaker Jacket

    6. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31


    1. Nike Bomba Pro

    2. Umbro Woven Jacket

    3. LBF Pirlo

    4. Jansport Sinder15

    5. TIFO Magazine Issue No. 2 – Collective Identity

    6. Errea Joao Drake Pant

  • Shot Stopper sweater

    1. Storelli Exoshield 3/4 GK Pant

    2. Aviata Stretta Lightbright Black Out

    3. Bayern Munich Beanie

    4. Nike Premier Firm Ground Cleat

    5. LBF Shot Stopper Crew Neck Sweater

    6. Umbro Best Sock

    7. Nike J Guard

  • The Header: Ultras


    1. Errea Republic Backpack

    2. LBF The Header Ultras

    3. Errea Werner Track Jacket

    4. Munich Gresca Futsal Shoe

    5. Nike Academy Knit Pant

    6. Puma King Force 6.11 Sz.5