Forever XXI

The XXI shirt has a very special meaning over here at LBF.  It was the design that I released on my 21st birthday that sold out in hours…It’s really what kick-started this brand online, so we have a soft spot for the design.  After six versions of the design (Gray, Heather, Sons of Ben, Union, Navy, and the mystery one) we are proud to add two new colorways to the line up and a restocking of the super soft, tri-blend Heather one.

We spent the weekend invading the new school of Architecture at Temple University snapping photos and re-arranging furniture we had no business moving.  We would really appreciate it if you did not tell administration.  Again we enlisted the help of our good friend and football prodigy, Fola, and Dom did a little modeling as well.

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Good times as always…

Domenick wearing the new XXI USA colorway.

Once again we used the same poly blend as the Deuce and George Best shirts. Glory.

Fola wears the tri-blend XXI Heather

Fola sporting the XXI Blanco

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