LBF goes to Seattle

How goes it distinguished members of the LBF Squad? Dom and I will be heading out to the west coast for the next two months. Why you ask? It’s all a part of the master plan to make the entire world Live and Breathe Futbol. Really, we’ve been invited out by our good friends at Golazo and we’ll be working out of their office for the next two months. It is a great opportunity to grow LBF on the left coast while also working with a brand that shares the same values and passion for futbol that we do.

We’ll be updating the blog regularly to keep you all posted on what’s happening with us out there. As far as LBF, nothing changes, we’ll still be bringing you great products and great content, we’ll just be in a different location.

As always the support is massive and everything we do is a chance to grow the brand and take it to the next level.


One thought on “LBF goes to Seattle

  1. Could i ask how much will it cost’s if i buy one t-shirt and you post it to finland? Becouse usually it is very expensive so can you say how much will it cost’s???