My good friend Keith, who is also a contributor to this blog (he wrote this piece) wrote this on my Facebook wall a few days ago after Ghana's horrific loss to Uruguay. I think it's pretty cool. Check it out.
I think I understand why people go to extremes during the World Cup. You wait anxiously for four years for your team to shine in this tournament, then, one second of brilliance, luck, or stupidity (you name it), your team ends up crashing out of the tourney and you're there thinking, "Are you effing kidding me? I went through thick and thin, buying an authentic 'Gyan' jersey, risking my rent money, got cable just to watch the WC, etc." Not to mention going through the emotional roller coaster that these games put you through. Then you're like "this is all worth it because I Live Breathe Football!!! Do you?
I shot the first "vlog" but I haven't been able to get it off my camera. Technical difficulties. It's coming soon. Stay tuned. We get a few days off from the World Cup, but best believe that once it's back on, it's gonna be even crazier than before! Enjoy. And follow us on twitter @LiveBrtheFutbol

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