How this all began

I thought it would be cool to give a brief history on how LBF came to life. So here it is.  I began painting t shirts as a freshman in high school.  The shirts slowly got more and more popular and it got to a point where I was able to buy myself new sneakers every week and don a Motorola Accompli two way pager like my favorite rappers were doing at that point. Then I came to college and got side-tracked by the usual things. Girls, partying and nightly pick up games of futbol.  For almost a year of college I didn't draw a thing and I had pretty much stopped making shirts.  However, I was playing more futbol than ever and began to really follow futbol closely like I used to as a kid living in Nigeria. One day I had a blank t shirt laying around and just decided to see if I "still had it."  What I painted on the shirt that day gave birth to Live Breathe Futbol, but I didn't know that until three years later.  Below is the first ever "LBF" tee.

I remember wearing the shirt and people just staring at the shirt all day, most of them saying nothing.  The few people who did have the courage to say something all said the same things, that it was "awesome" and they all asked where I got it from.  Instead of seeing a golden opportunity to expand on the idea, I did nothing.  Then came this shirt.

I remember staying up all night to make this shirt to wear to school the next day because it was Spring Fling.  It was a day that everyone would be out on campus, drunk and playing truant all day.  Again, the compliments poured in and I finally realized that I could do something with this idea of putting my favorite futbol stars on t-shirts.  But I needed a name! I have never been the type of person who sits there and breaks out into a sweat trying to come up with the "perfect" idea.  I kind of let things just come to me because I feel it is more authentic that way.  The times great ideas come are when you least expect them to.  I was sitting in on an architecture review and bored to tears, so instead of taking notes in my sketchbook, I was drawing shirts as usual.  One of the shirts I drew had the words, "Live Breathe Futbol" in big, bold letters on it.  In all honesty, I still didn't think I had a name for the brand. It was just another shirt that I was going to make.  I drew up the shirt in Adobe Illustrator and sent it to a printer and got a couple dozen printed up.  They were gone in like two days. And just like that, the brand was born.

To understand what LBF is about you need to look no further than the name.  I truly live and breathe futbol as millions of others around the world do.  This brand is a testament to the passion and love we all have for futbol.  This is all just beginning. There's more to come. Follow me on twitter: @LiveBrtheFutbol --Keep Kickin'. Ebun.

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