God Returns

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I have teamed up with Leanne over at http://ladyarse.com/ to bring you all something that I'd like to think is truly special.  If you know me, I have been an avid Arsenal fan since I was about 7 years old. Anyway, because I'm such a fan I follow quite a few noteworthy Arsenal bloggers on twitter. I saw that LadyArse designed shirts also, so I reached out to her about a week or so ago about a possible collaboration.  One week later, the shirt is complete and we are ready to release it to you all.  As the image above states, the shirt will release on Wednesday, November 24th in the LBF store.  All details, including the design, will also be released on Wednesday.  This is going to be a LIMITED release, so act quickly! Follow me on twitter: @LiveBrtheFutbol --Keep Kickin'. Ebun.