Football, Shirts and a powerful idea

by Ebun Olaloye | | 1 comment

A couple of weeks ago the Society of Emerging African Leaders (SEAL) at my school asked me to be a speaker at their African Youth Leadership conference.  I said absolutely.  A few days before the event, I found out from Farhiya, SEAL president, that they had gotten the event approved by TED. All of a sudden this became an even bigger deal for me because I almost always have the TED site opened on a tab in my browser.  I began preparing my presentation, but really wasn't sure where to take it.  I heard about some of the other speakers at the event and these were people who were doing amazing things.  One guy, Mohamed Niang, co-founded Malo Traders with his brother, a good friend of mine was speaking about her non-profit organization, Real Humanitarians, and every other speaker, save for Professor Daud Watts, was in their early 20s.  Topics ranged from government reform in Africa to rice preservation and the size of Africa to the genocide in Rwanda.  Then I go up there and absolutely crash the party by giving a presentation titled "Football, Shirts and a powerful idea" while wearing my Navy XXI tee. I am pretty comfortable speaking in public, as a matter of fact, I love doing so, but this time I was a bit nervous.  I had rehearsed my “speech” countless times without problem, but when I went up there it was a different story.  Why? I think it was because this was the first time that I’d told the LBF story, my story, from start to where it stands now and sort of hearing myself tell it and seeing people respond to it positively was moving.  I wasn’t close to tears, though.  Takes a bit more to make me cry.  I’d like to thank SEAL, TED, and all the other speakers who came out, I am truly motivated to carry on and wish everyone else who participated in the event success in what they are doing.  We just might change everything.  As usual, here are some pictures. Enjoy.

Ebun Olaloye with Seyi Adeoye of SEAL, co-founderAbiola Adeola, Ebun OlaloyeThanks for reading, whenever the video to the TEDxTempleU is released I'll be sure to hook you all up with a link to it.  I'm sure you guys will get a kick out of me stumbling over my words! And making a few folks laugh as well.  Thanks for reading and Follow the Twitter, Like the Facebook, and Tumble with Me