At long last, Maradona

by Ebun Olaloye | | 0 comments

Almost two years ago I made an ink drawing of the legendary Diego Maradona.  For the next two years the drawing sat in the pages of my sketch book collecting dust. Today we are really excited to release our 'Maradona' tee shirt. Maradona is one of the greatest and most controversial footballers ever and it would be a grave injustice not to immortalize the man in true LBF fashion. The design features Maradona hoisting the World Cup trophy in 1986.  The trophy graphic is made up of one of Maradona's famous quotes where he flips his critics the bird.  Single-handedly winning the World Cup for your country is a pretty phenomenal feat-- something another great Argentinian footballer has yet failed to accomplish (We're looking at you Leo, but you've got time). Quote: "I worked my all my life for this! Those who say I don't deserve anything can kiss my arse" The design is three colors (black, sky blue and goild foil) and is screen-printed on a white, super soft, 60% cotton 40% polyester shirt. The shirt is athletic cut and fits remarkably well. Some pictures for your viewing pleasure... The Maradona shirt is available for purchase here We'd like to thank our good friend and football prodigy, Fola, for being our model for the shoot. Big ups!