LBF Life Series 2

In continuation of our LBF Life series - a look behind what we do here at LBF- I bring to you a series of photos taken this past weekend. Enjoy! Watching El Clasico at Dimitri's. Madrid leads 1-0 Barca equalizes. 1-1 Ronaldo scores to make the match 2-1. Dimitri is very sad. After the match is over, we head out onto the street for a little kickabout. It isn't long before things get really intense... Dimitri ends the day with a broken heart and broken ankles. Poor kid. We, on the other hand, had quite a blast and I must say it was a damn good day. Word to Ice Cube. It may seem like all we do is watch and play futbol. It really is for the most part. Somehow we find the time to design and sell t-shirts in between all of that.

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Sorry I couldn’t join you this time boys. Had to work. Champions final?

Nathan Szwerdszarf April 10, 2015

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