Fall/Winter 2012: A look behind the scenes

by Ebun Olaloye | | 1 comment

It's quite remarkable the amount of work that goes into putting out five pieces of cotton. On the surface it doesn't seem like much, but so much goes into making sure that the products are as good as they can be and that they are presented in a way that does them justice. Here is a glimpse into the video/photo shoot for the Fall/Winter collection. Shooting Adus wearing 'Cruijff" Mustang Shelby GT. vroom vroom Song. Man I love this dude. check him wearing the 'XXI Navy' that debuted two years ago. He's been holding me down since. Dom in the back of a flatbed truck doing whatever is necessary to get the right shot. Dedication. Yep, that's a motorcycle. As is customary, we end every shoot with a game of pick-up. We're about to knock 'em dead. Thanks for rockin' with us. --Ebun