The Name of the New Collection is Revealed:

by Ebun Olaloye | | 2 comments

When we talk about football and our heroes, our conversations tend to highlight moments of sheer brilliance and sublime skill. Many players have captured our hearts with a single goal or moment, but few stand as shining lights of resistance amongst a largely dull and uninteresting landscape of football personalities. Let's be honest, football players are boring once the final whistle goes. The ones that can formulate complete sentences give boring interviews and the highest paid ones often dress like peasants. Even the greatest player ever (Messi) rarely makes headlines when he's not playing football (that tattoo of his son's hands on his calf doesn't count. Seriously, tf was that?). As much as we celebrate footballing brilliance here at LBF, we gravitate towards players who say what they feel and often express themselves by kicking teammates and shooting off fireworks in bathrooms. That's right. The rebels. The guys who live life on their own terms and are so brilliant on the pitch that we forgive their missteps off it. We often hail them for it. George Best womanized and boozed. Cantona kicked fans and spewed confusing philosophical words. Zlatan told one of the most respected managers in world football that he had no balls. And Balotelli? Well there are too many to name. The four blokes mentioned above inspired our latest collection that is titled.... eric cantona george best zlatan ibrahimovic mario balotelli Each footballer represents a decade of rebellion. And we believe that they are the ones that stand out as the sole rebels in each of their respective generations. Each piece of clothing is inspired by their personality and makes some kind of commentary about who they are as both footballers and rebels. In anticipation of the launch, we have enlisted our friend, Travis to write a three-part series that dives deeper into the mind of each rebel in an attempt to uncover what makes them who they are. The series can be read here.