The Stay True Collection by CJ Sapong

The Stay True collection is here! If you couldn't make it to the launch event last week in Kansas City, here's your chance to view the CJ Sapong-designed line in full HD. The collection features three designs (one tank top, one v-neck shirt, and one tee) that are inspired by CJ's heritage and love for the Sporting Kansas City football club he plays for. We hung out with CJ and snapped photos of him hanging at his favorite spots in the city. World Class x CJ In our conversations, CJ mentioned that his high school coach used the phrase, different class whenever his players did something exceptional. The word different is rather long, so we opted to revamp our World Class design with a little twist. Sapong_world class_Fountain 3 You can purchase the shirt here 7 Kente tank The kente tank top best represents CJ's style and personality. The pattern is inspired by the kente cloth native to the West African country of Ghana where CJ's parents are from. The pattern has been rendered in Sporting blue with the six stripes derived from the SKC logo. 1 8 You can purchase the tank here The Sapong pitch classic We've upgraded our Pitch Classic tee from last fall and made it more "grown up" based on CJ's request. We've stripped the number from the front, shrunk the LBF monogram, embroidered it (instead of screen print) and tossed CJ's famed No. 17 on the back. 5 9 You can purchase the tee here vneck_det_f1 In true CJ fashion, there is a message that comes with the entire collection. Each shirt's tag features words of advice from CJ himself: Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the now. We hope you heed those words and we hope you enjoy the collection. Stay True. View the collection here -- Ebun.

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