My LBF Life Sticker Contest

by Ebun Olaloye | | 4 comments

IMG_3105 Last week we sent out thousands of stickers to the LBF Squad. If you were wondering why we were so generous, it's because we want to know how you rep Live Breathe Futbol! Each person received between five and ten stickers. Post the stickers anywhere around town, where you play, stadiums etc. Take a picture and share it with us on Twitter/Instagram using #myLBFlife. We'll be reposting our favorites and selecting a winner each week. The first winner will be announced on Sunday, March 2nd.

Contest Rules:

1. You can share as many photos with us using the hashtag #myLBFlife, but only 1 of them counts each week!

2. Daring counts, just don't get arrested or hurt.

3. We love our LBF stickers on our Macbook Pros as well, but those don't count towards the contest. We want you to go outside.

4. All photos must be shared/posted before 11:59pm EST on Saturday to count for that week. Weekly winners will be announced at 8pm EST on Sunday. Contest ends on March 31st 2014.


Bon chance! -Ebun.