The American Fútbol Collection

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AF_6 As we remember those who gave their lives in service of this great country, we bring you a new collection inspired by the United States’ complex relationship with football. If you’ve been following US Soccer in the past week, you know that Americans care about their soccer. The outrage in response to Landon Donovan’s omission from the World Cup 23 shows this. But Jurgen Klinsmann’s unwavering faith in youth players, namely Julian Green and DeAndre Yedlin, also shows that the future is bright for soccer in the United States. We present to you, the American Fútbol collection:
The American Fútbol tank: AF_7
No other country suffers the paradox of having two types of football like the United States does. Though world football is the less popular of the two in the USA, the sport is rapidly growing and the fans are as passionate as anywhere else in the world. Hosts of the World Cup in 1994 and home to a mixture of world famous stars and burgeoning wonderkids, American Fútbol deserves its own distinction to not only show, but also to embrace this two football relationship. Get the tank here
The Freedom tee: AF_8
Ranked as the 14th best footballing nation in the world, United States soccer still suffers from being the little brother of the NFL. Football in America though is alive and well, MLS is expanding at an impressive rate and the country is producing great young players that will lead a new generation into a brighter future. Football in the US without a doubt deserves to be seen on its own. With the revered bald eagle clutching to a football in the word futbol, it shows that Americans live, breathe and enjoy football as passionately as much as anyone else in the world. Get the tee here
The One Nation, Under Fútbol tank: LBF, American Futbol 9, one nation, tank A reissue from last summer's Rebel line, the One Nation, Under Fútbol tank top is available in both men's and women's cuts here
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