Concrete Clasico Street Soccer Tournament Recap

You're probably upset that you missed our first ever Concrete Clasico street soccer tournament, so here are some photos from the event to cheer you up. Or they may upset you even more. We hope, at least, they'll give you a small glimpse into what was a fantastic afternoon. En garde. IMG_2564_1 IMG_3253_1 IMG_3219_1 IMG_3214_1 IMG_3183_1 IMG_3153_1 IMG_3126_1 IMG_3118_1 IMG_3049_1 IMG_2992_1 IMG_2966_1 IMG_2961_1 IMG_2932_1 IMG_2913_1 IMG_2901_1 IMG_2877_1 IMG_2810_1 IMG_2736_1 IMG_2723_1 IMG_2629_1 IMG_2627_1 IMG_2621_1 IMG_2612_1 IMG_2589_1 IMG_2579_1 IMG_2571_1 IMG_3436_1 IMG_3419_1 IMG_3396_1 IMG_3391_1 IMG_3379_1

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