Blending Football & Art - Dave Flanagan

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Dave Flanagan is a very talented artist who takes his passion for art and soccer, and merges them into incredible illustrations. Flanagan was born in Manchester but spent most of his childhood in a village named Lancashire. As a kid, he loved to draw some of his favorite football players and his father would let him draw these sketches on his bedroom walls.

Hes now gotten a slight upgrade from his markers and pens to a Mac, and is now able to create exquisite pieces of work. Dave uses more of a cartoon like style in is work which can intrigue the interests of all ages.
Growing up in a Manchester City based household, he has been a fan his whole life. After illustrating a few of his favorite players from the team, he was approached to illustrate the whole team. In an interview with Kicks On The Pitch, he said how is favorite part of his illustrations is seeing all of the players seeing their individual illustrations. He also stated that it takes him two to three hours to complete each player.
Flanagan is very active on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram.
You can follow him here Twitter: @daveflanagan Instagram: @daveflanagan77
Also, check out his website:
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