Anti-advertising the 2022 FIFA World Cup

by Max Baum | | 0 comments

With FIFA’s decision to hold the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, they are drawing more attention and criticism then ever. Allegations of corruption, slavery, poor work conditions, and many others have been placed on FIFA officials in recent years. It has been said that FIFA officials have “corrupted football by accepting millions in bribes.” Last week, several officials were arrested in Zurich on charges of corruption and then this week, Sepp Blatter resigns.

With all of this going on, some people are focusing on the projected four thousand deaths of workers to occur before the construction for the Qatar World Cup will be finished. Temperatures can climb up to 50C or 122F which makes for terrible work conditions and will also cause the Cup to be moved to the Winter. With many sponsors still supporting the World Cup, some artists have begun drawing and sharing their own anti-advertisements featuring many sponsors and their logos. They are taking their own perspective on the cruelty that is going on in Qatar and creating art to try and spread awareness of this problem.

Take a look:


You can find all of the advertisements here.