Blending Football & Art - Icon/11

by Max Baum | | 0 comments

As we take a dive into our third post of Blending Football & Art, we take a look at Icon/11 and their geometric style that you don’t come across very often.
Triangles aren't the most popular choice among graphic designers, but Icon/11 uses them to create magnificent pieces of art. Hundreds of triangles go into each piece, but they produce life like visuals of some of football’s most iconic players. These pieces of work show how passion for football can be shown in many different ways than what you portray on the pitch.

Two graphic designers with a passion for football came together to found Icon/11. They work with a local printing company, overseeing every aspect of the printing process. This way, they are able to provide the highest quality print and materials to their customers.

Check out their website here, and also their Facebook here.