Times Square Cup

Yesterday, Street Soccer USA took over Times Square, setting up two street soccer courts that hosted an epic 12 hour tournament!  

A well-curated event - thanks to the folks at Kicks To The Pitch as well as corporate sponsors like Tag Heuer- we were treated to dope music and incredible play-by-play commentary.  Sometimes it felt like I was watching a premier league match called by Martin Tyler. I can only imagine how the players felt, with thousands of people watching on as commentators praised their game.  Add the incredible lights of Times Square and it was the stuff of dreams.

First timers, Team Jamaica decked out in LBF kits, won the tournament in emphatic fashion, defeating title holders GFI by an impressive 5-2 scoreline.  Javon East picked every team apart with surprising ease, while Silvera held things down in goal.  Check out some pics from the night:


the champs, Team Jamaica.


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