Blending Football + Art: Pablo Cánepa

by Max Baum | | 0 comments

Football and beer have been two in one since the beginning of time. Whether its at a game or at a bar, or at home on the couch. Beer is a global beverage that everyone enjoys, especially when a football match is being played. Uruguayan designer Pablo Cánepa puts his talents to use with his unique designs that he puts on Beer Bottles, giving classic teams their own beer brand.

            Using a typographic style of art to bring bottles life. Along with simple but elegant color patterns that match the scheme of the team represented on the bottle. These designs range from very simple to a livelier look. For example, the Juventus bottle is very straightforward:


Compared to the Bayern Munich bottle, which has much more going on but still shows how the beauty of football can be showed in many different forms:


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