A residence fit for Zlatan Ibrahimovic

by Luke Taylor | | 0 comments

ZLATAN BOUGHT A CHURCH. Yes, yes he did. If the reputation of Zlatan is anything to go buy, him buying a church is very fitting considering people (including himself) worship the Swede. 

The PSG striker has recently purchased a church in Stockholm for 110 million Swedish Krona which is about $13million. This doesn't seem to be such a whacky investment but a plan for the future when he wants to settle down. The big striker said to Aftonbladet: "For the sake of my children, I want to live in Sweden. I want them to learn the Swedish tradition. They have lived abroad all the time." He then went onto say he would rather live in Stockholm than Malmo which must be some sort of insult to the club where he sparked his career. 

We all know Zlatan is full of weird and wonderful things but buying a church as a place of residence is another one to add to his collection. Will we see Zlatan move to Sweden when he's done with PSG? Who knows where he will end up next, but he has a church! 

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