Introducing Fan Futsal - A New Fantasy Soccer Experience

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We at Fan Futsal, live and breathe the game of soccer like all of you.  We’ve never felt like there’s been a fantasy soccer game that allowed us to live out that passion online the way LBF allows us to live out our passion with our clothes.  So, we created a completely new way to play fantasy soccer.

Fan Futsal is a new, free daily fantasy soccer website.  It’s different than traditional fantasy soccer games, which suffer from three fundamental problems:

  1. Real-time individual player stats are complex and not well-publicized on match day broadcasts
  2. There are too many ways to score fantasy points
  3. The game flow in soccer makes it nearly impossible to predict what’s going to happen

You can read more about these problems here.

Fan Futsal takes a completely unique approach to playing fantasy soccer by simplifying everything.  Instead of picking players, you select five clubs for your fantasy team.  No more worrying about if the players you’ve selected are starting the match or in the matchday 18.  The only fantasy scoring elements are goals for, goals conceded, and results (win, loss, or draw).  No more trying to figure out how many crosses your right wing had or how many key passes your attacking center midfielder completed. This simplification allows you to quickly understand what you want to happen in any match.


We’ve included the best strategic elements from other fantasy soccer games – line your clubs up in different positions and formations to emphasize scoring, defending, or a balance of both.  For your club(s) in the striker position, you don’t care how many goals they concede; you just want them to score a lot.  For your goalkeeper, you don’t care if they score, you just don’t want them to concede any goals.  Midfielders and defenders fall in the middle; midfielders emphasize scoring and defenders emphasize goals conceded.

You can create your own private games or join our weekly public games. It’s completely free to play and takes less than a minute to sign up.  If you want to experience a revolutionary way to play fantasy soccer where you can live out your passion for the game online, check out our website now at

- Dave, Founder at Fan Futsal