STARBOY (stahr-boi)-

One who enjoys the lifestyle that is afforded to them by their success on the pitch. Effortlessly combining futbol and fashion to inspire us all. Flair on the pitch can be categorized in the skills that a player pulls off, passes they make, or finishes that they use. However, charisma off the pitch is tougher to define.

A Starboy carries a certain aura around him. Not just outrageous articles of clothing, fancy cars, or flashy haircuts (which every player seems to have these days). The preening of today’s top players is second to only that of runway models. Each Starboy has his own signature, the one unidentifiable trait that earns them a spot on the exclusive list. Je ne seis quoi is not the exception, it is the rule. 

A Starboy is at the forefront of the changing image of a modern footballer. With the non-stop media attention on the modern footballer, the spotlight is shining on them every moment. These players live a lifestyle that puts them in the headlines, separating themselves from the rest to uphold a unique image that only they can. From lavish spending to celebrity relationships, a Starboy takes special pride in being themselves regardless of how it appears to others. At times, this indifference to opinion can be seen as controversial, but it’s precisely what makes a player a true Starboy.

As we sat down brainstorming the list of Starboys, we realized it was less about a set criteria, and more about a feeling. Just as Berry Gordy saw a young Michael Jackson and knew he was a star, we look at these Starboys and know that they have it, whatever that may be. 

Seen as bigger than the game itself, a Starboy embraces fashion and culture, alluring fans and younger generations alike to identify with them. This select group of players draw attention from far and wide. Mention these names to anyone, and they will recognize it and personality they embody. Imposing their own set of rules lifts them to the upper echelon of Starboydom (yes, that is now a word).  

In this series, we highlight five players we believe are Starboys. Each one has a distinct personality and are stars in their own way. Who do you think the five Starboys are? Get in touch and let us know!

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