Style Focus: Pep Guardiola, an icon on the sideline

Josep Guardiola. A man who has conquered world football with FC Barcelona, conquered Germany with FC Bayern Munchen and is currently in the process of repeating his past success with Manchester City. From this world domination, Guardiola has donned some of the finest garments on the sideline when ordering his team to play perfection. 

A perfectionist on and off the pitch, Pep isn't shy of a classy suit and a suave coat making us all jealous that we don't ooze that much class. 

A suit is typically worn across the world when you're a football manager but only some wear with class and make it work. Pep Guardiola is probably the best at doing this. 

The shirt and tie with a jumper combo is another style choice Guardiola opts for on a regular basis and it's a good choice. A personal favourite when discussing managerial attire. 

The man even wears classy scarfs rather than scarfs bought from a stall outside like Roberto Mancini and co. 

The man is also keeping up with the trends outside of the 'football casual' culture where we have seen an increase in popularity of Stone Island. 

Basically, if you're looking for a manager with class and one of the greatest footballing brains on the planet then Pep Guardiola is the man you want. 

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