Sporting Kansas City + LBF
Starting in 2013, LBF designed the Little Victories collection ft. CJ Sapong.
This was the beginning of our relationship with Sporting KC.
While working on this collection, we had a conversation
trying to figure out why people who start off on a journey or chase their
dreams give up prematurely. It was important to get a grasp on this so as to be
aware of how to carry on through tough times. We came to realize that what
keeps us driven is not only what lies within us, but the little victories that
we’ve had along the way. Whatever they may be, the little victories help
reinforce your belief that you’re on the right path. Take a moment to look back
and acknowledge them, but don’t dwell on them too long, for the road ahead is
long and you must carry on. - Ebun & Dom.
Kansas City has historically been an american football and baseball town. Originally the Kansas City Wizards and playing their games at the 75,000 capacity Arrowhead stadium, there was a lack of excitement around the team. After a rebranding in 2011, Sporting KC is now one of the league's most successful clubs. Sporting KC represents more than just the club, they represent the people of Kansas City.
"When designing this capsule collection, I thought back to 2013 when I was at the all-star game. The raceway is close to the stadium and there is an environment of speed. I feel that speed also embodies the way that team plays and would make each piece feel unique."
Ebun- Co-founder and Creative Director
Not your average blank t-shirt.

Each piece of this capsule collection has been built from the ground up. A first for LBF. The materials, construction, and design have been meticulously crafted to make each piece feel unique.

A brand is only relevant when the culture or sub-culture that it associates with accepts them as an authentic representation. With each piece in this capsule collection, LBF wanted to elicit a special feeling when you put each garment on. You are not wearing a generic piece.