Blending Football & Art: A Conversation Between Art and Soccer

Via GoalWA

With the pitch as the canvas, each player uses their feet to make their own unique brushstrokes. After 90 minutes, the game ends with a unique painting that tells a story. No two games are the same.

This principle can be applied to Ivan Colin's work. Drawing his inspiration from the natural world, each work of art takes on it's own unique character and attributes. Each person may look at the work in their perspective, and be right. The painting is what you see in your heart. 

Via GoalWA

“I look at the beautiful game of soccer as an art form. It is a fluid, physical, spiritual, and technical performance. Without passion and emotional content the experience feels empty.”

"It is a game of waves; sometimes you’re riding the wave and other times you’re at the mercy of the ocean.” 

These are just a few quotes from the story that stood out to me. Becoming one with the sport of soccer is the lifestyle that LBF embodies, and one of the reasons this story spoke to us so much. Ivan Colin embodies Live Breathe Futbol.

“My amusement for kicking a ball and scribbling on walls has always been in my blood.”

Via GoalWA

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Ivan Colin's Story

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