Blending Football + Art: Rudi Gundersen

On our latest edition of Blending Football + Art, we take a look at a freelance illustrator out of Bodø, Norway, Rudi Gundersen. He uses many different styles in his work but especially enjoys portraits and sports illustrations. Looking at his work, you can see a very cartoon like approach, especially the portraits. With the players that he draws, he is able to portray their personality very well. For example, you can see this in his portraits of Zlatan Ibrahimović and Luis Suárez. Zlatan has a very stern, focused facial expression that is very similar to our Ibra tee, which can be purchased here. And you can see Luis Suárez's lively personality in his portrait. Check out more of them:


Gundersen also adds some fun into his work as he gives players the look of a bobblehead. Their heads are oversized and the rest of their body very unproportionate. Its original and exceptionally done.

Rudi Gunderson is a one of a kind artist that is very good at what he does. These are just a glimpse at what he has done. You can find more football related art and much more on his website. Make sure to support him and buy a piece of his work, whether its on a t-shirt, mug, or just a print.


Take a look at his website.


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