Basketball Players Who Live and Breathe Futbol

Dwayne Wade is a 13-time NBA All-Star with three NBA Championships to his name so when he posted a picture on his Instagram reppin' a pair of our Turbo Shorts in ‘Red Fury’, we had to get hyped up. 

Basketball and football see a lot of crossovers with NBA superstars supporting soccer teams across the world or some of the world’s best soccer players sitting courtside in LA or New York. With Dwayne Wade living and breathing the game and joining the #LBFSquad, we decided to explore the soccer-loving NBA stars throughout time. 

LeBron James is a Red

You all know the name, LeBron James. He is a superstar, not only in basketball but in other areas of popular culture too. As well as being a superstar, he is also a huge Liverpool FC fan. He is such a fan, he decided to buy a minority stake in the club. Not only does he love Liverpool, he is also good friends with PSG sensations Neymar and Kylian Mbappe alongside rubbing shoulders with David Beckham. 

Kobe Bryant and Joga Bonito

The late great Kobe Bryant was openly a big fan of soccer, wearing various shirts in the past from clubs like AC Milan and FC Barcelona. After growing up in Italy, he adpoted AC Milan as is club but he also fell in love with FC Barcelona. The reason being? Ronaldinho. Bryant said "I'm a big soccer fan to begin with and watching Ronaldinho just captivated me".

Same here, Kobe. Same here. 

The Gooner, James Harden

James Harden was the NBA’s most expensive player once upon a time and he enjoys soccer from time to time. Harden kicked a ball about with the Arsenal squad as well as enjoying Champions League games here and there. Alongside his basketball compadre, LeBron, Harding also invested into as soccer club when he bought a minority stake in the group that controls MLS side Houston Dynamos and NWSL club Houston Dash. 

Carmelo Anthony and Bringing Soccer Back

New York Knicks legend Carmelo Anthony made so much money through his career as an NBA star that he decided to invest it back into sport but not his beloved basketball. Instead, he bought Puerto Rico FC and vowed to ‘bring soccer back’ to the area. Sadly, Puerto Rico FC haven’t played a game since 2017 following the troubles with the NASL. Despite that, Anthony’s love for soccer remains and he has stated in the past that he’s been a fan for a long time. 

Steven Nash Supports the Spurs? 

Not the San Antonio Spurs, no. Tottenham Hotspur is the Brookyln Nets coaches favorite soccer team and has been for a long time. His dad and grandfather both grew up in North London supporting Spurs, which played a big part in Nash’s devotion to the club. He even went onto train with the club in London and attends various games now and then. Sometimes you can’t help who you support and this is no different. Sorry, Steve. 

Steph Curry’s Best Mate, Neymar

Steph Curry is a two-time NBA MVP and three-time NBA Championship winner. With this pedigree and superstar status, it comes as no surprise when you find out his soccer team is Paris Saint Germain. A superstar club and brand filled with big names. One of which, Neymar, Curry is friends with. You will sometimes catch Curry down the Parc Des Princes, kicking off the game or cheering on the Brazilian but you will also see Neymar sitting courtside at Golden State Warriors games. 

Kevin Durant’s Philly Union

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant is a huge name in basketball and like his fellow sportspeople, LeBron James and James Harding, he decided to invest his massive earnings into soccer. Just like Harding, Durant turned to the MLS to buy a minority stake (said to be around 5%) in the club. KD said he ‘has always been a fan of soccer’ and we love to hear it. 

Dwayne Wade is a member of the #LBFSquad!

We had to finish this list off with another nod to this. Dwayne Wade lives and breathes futbol and we can’t blame him. The movement is rocketing. If D-Wade is rocking LBF, who’s next? 

Soccer and basketball will intertwine forever, with both sides being fans of the other. What crossover would you like to see? Let us know on our socials. 

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