Blending Football + Art: Alvar Sirlin

In our latest post of Blending Art + Football we feature an artist who has an extensive background in art for being as young as he is. Growing up in Manhattan, Sirlin derived his interest from street art around where he lived. He studied and received a degree in illustration and oil painting at Rhode Island School of Design. He has many interests in his art including football, portraits, entertainment and also politics. Sirlin has a very unique style of art using pen and a water color pen.

In an interview with Dash Magazine, he was asked, “Your work is very graphic. Where do you derive your inspiration?” His answer might not be as some expect, “Patterns and explosions; light, intimate spaces and different atmospheric effects along with literature, messy nature, guts and stuff often inspire my work. I always felt like I want my paintings to look like bloody organs and guts showing rapid and various types of consciousness.”

With each of his pieces of work, he tries to add as much personality to each character without overdoing it. He puts a lot of pride into his work and expects perfection out of every piece, as many end up in the trash. To look at more of his work, check out his website here.

Read his interview with Dash Magazine here.

 You can follow him on Twitter: @alvarix and on Instagram: @varix


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